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tesco la disco!

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Heeeey you made me gay! [Feb. 24th, 2007|10:07 am]
tesco la disco!
[Current Music |ruby throat - the ventriloquist]

Best week ever.
Boyfriend, boyfriend's house, and me!
Not a great deal happened, but I don't care! I love it that we can do a lot of nothing and enjoy it.

it's no fun getting used to being back at home now, though. But now I've got to do all the work I've not done. N'argh!

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Valentine's! [Feb. 14th, 2007|06:06 pm]
tesco la disco!
[Current Music |Cansei de ser sexy - Alala]

Happy Valentine's Day, all. 

I love Valentine's Day! It may be lame and commercialised, but I don't see anything wrong with it. And I know everyone says "but you should be loving to your girlfriend/boyfriend/prag all the time!" Yes, I know this. and I make a great deal of unashamedly glittery and sparkley things all through the year, anyway.

Though I cannae celebrate Valentines Day until the 17th, so I guess it'll just be "Happy Saturday". I don't care! It'll be awesome.

OH i'm nervous though. very much so!
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Mordack's a wizard! [Feb. 5th, 2007|08:21 pm]
tesco la disco!
[Current Music |Queenadreena - Join the Dots]

I've been so ill recently. If not for Jeffrey this weekend I don't think I could have gotten out of bed! Though I didn't really get out of bed anyway. The fact still remains!

We were also able to steal my neighbour's wireless internet on his laptop (not mine, it's from 1996 and wonderfully ancient), which was another reason not to leave bed. We played a LOT of Vanguard (which to me sounds like something one would find in the 'feminine care' aisle. oh dear.), and it's pretty good! There's actually things to do. and not just shooting fish. or waiting for japanese people to die. or walking to obscure places with too many apostrophes in the names...

But yeah! It's awesome. I like bursting cysts on strangers. and taking my own blood! I guess it's the closest to a zombie i'm going to get. Kallak is also my homage to The Legend of Kyrandia; one of the best games ever.

My copy of Hannibal Rising serves as a pretty good mouse mat as well. I knew Thomas Harris had a use.

But internet soul-pillaging aside, college is alright. I have a fuckload of work to do from when I was ill, but my 500 word synopsis for my adaptation of Killing Aurora only took me a few minutes, and my teachers orgasmed all over it. figuratively, of course. It was more about cinematic techniques than an actual synopsis, but they didn't seem to mind.

Ballet: non-existant. I've not been for the past two weeks due to feeling ill, and I shan't be going tomorow because of the concert for Ellaline. I won't be going the week after either as I'll be at Jeffrey's house. We're doing pretty boring work at the moment anyway so I'm not bothered.
Seeing Jeffrey is easily preferable over grade 8 barre. any time. this much is obvious!

I think I shall have a bath now! I smell.
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mraah. [Jan. 22nd, 2007|06:12 pm]
tesco la disco!
[Current Music |beatles -I'm happy just to dance with you]

I've been watching a lot of films from the '60s lately. A Taste of Honey, A Hard Day's Night and Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner were particularly amazing.

I'm trying to pull my other film coursework up to an A (my other A grade is lonely) and sort out my ideas for my script/storyboard. I was thinking maybe a Wasted meets Lalleshwari type...thing. Sortof stalkery and unsettling. I'm nae sure. Or! I was thinking a nice short piece like Foutaises, but I don't think it would be received well. Ideally I'd like to make it in French (bear in mind, I'm doing no actual filming for this.)

I'd like it to hopefully fit in somewhere with my eating disorder awareness project (which I will get round to finishing. Or starting. I'm a student! I have no time.)


The weekend was lovely, Jeffrey came down and it was amazing. as always!

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(no subject) [Jan. 12th, 2007|05:26 pm]
tesco la disco!
[Current Music |katiejane garside - just one day of endless love]

This week has been pretty pointless; I have had barely any lessons but I worked quite a bit today.

Tomorrow, I shall be off into bournemouth with Chantal, Georgia and Izzy for the evening. Much fun will be had i'm sure.

Finally, I decided I was quite sick of my weight troubles and my more personal problems clogging up my general day-to-day descriptions of my life. You can find those over at


Add it if you wish.

I think having all of that in one place will help me get my thoughts straighter, and make me feel better in the long term.

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my dream, and christmas! [Dec. 25th, 2006|10:34 am]
tesco la disco!
[Current Music |maplebee - moth touch]

Merry Christmas, All! I hope it's lovely.xxx
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My 2006. [Dec. 7th, 2006|06:07 pm]
tesco la disco!
[Current Music |Katie Jane Garside - Out of Harms Way]

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(no subject) [Sep. 16th, 2005|07:40 pm]
tesco la disco!
So, is this journal very boring?
I'll answer my own question.

very. i even stopped to have a cracker.
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TransientSmile© [Aug. 14th, 2005|05:06 pm]
tesco la disco!
[Current Mood |coldcold]

Si tu m'aimais, je t'aimerais.
friends only.
comment to be added.
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